Release date: April 9, 2015. For release at 10:40 a.m. PDT

Winz Incorporated is to release Winz 2.0, with an Apple Watch extension


Winz Incorporated has completed development of version 2.0 of its sports photo app. The app will be initially available exclusively on the iOS platform. Version 2.0 is being reviewed by Apple, and is targeted to go live by the time the Apple Watch is released for sale.

Winz brings data-rich photography to sports fans, and allows them to overlay live scores as well as other game data on top of their photos. The Apple Watch extension uses our data capabilities to show the status of the games which are most important to you right on your wrist.

What's new in Version 2.0

The main new feature of Winz is its Apple Watch extension. The app uses a predictive algorithm to show  the games the user is most likely to be interested in. The user can then easily browse and view other games in all leagues currently covered by Winz.


2015-04-08 23.58.51.jpgIn addition to releasing the Apple Watch extension, we have redesigned many of the existing sports-themed "skins". Many of the skins will now include the game status, putting live scores into context.

About Winz

Winz is a mobile photo app for sports fans which adds live scores and other game data to the fans' mobile photos. It then allows the fans to instantly share such photos to various social networks.

Until Winz came along, data-rich imagery has been the domain of the professional media and sports channels. Winz brings data-rich photography to the everyday fan, and allows a simple way to capture and share sports' moments.

Winz streams live scores for over 1,300 teams, including  MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA and UEFA. Whether you're at a stadium, a bar, or at home watching a game on TV, you can snap a picture with this app. The picture would include the real-time score and game status which you would be able to share with your friends through social networks, email, or SMS.

Winz 2.0, scheduled to be released in April, 2015,  supports Apple Watch. Our predictive algorithm shows first the games that are most likely to be relevant to you, and the rest of the games are easily and intuitively accessible from the Apple Watch interface.

We add new sports regularly and constantly add new features.

Winz includes 31 filters, or "skins" in 5 categories:

·         Scores (creative frames that show the current scores)

·         Players (allow you to browse the roster, and include the player's name in your picture)

·         TV-style skins

·         Fans (canned slogans)

·         Type-your-own-text skins, which allow users to add custom text to their photos

Simply swipe left or right to choose the skin you like, either before, or after you take a picture.

Location Services

You can also change the default location to a place around you by tapping the geo-location button, or type in a location of your choice.

 Choose a photo from camera roll

If you have a previously taken picture, to which you would like to add a skin, you can pick a picture from camera roll.

Share photos to social networks

As soon as you take a picture, a panel appears at the top of the screen, which allows to post your picture to various social networks just with one tap.


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